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C-Series Smart Socket,Torque Wrench Smart Socket

C-Series Smart Socket

Model: C-Series Torque Calibrate Series
Min Torque: 150Ftlbs
Max Torque: 12000Ftlbs
Business Type: Torque Tools Manufacturer
Product Details

C-Series: Smart Socket Features

  1. Real time monitoring, measures and display peak torque .

  2. Preset target torque, real peak torque Pass or Fail indication .

  3. Data recording system, download or transfer by Wireless/Bluetooth .

  4. Wide range torque measurement .

  5. New update App software and Industrial touch screen optional .

  6. C-Series Smart Socket is connectivity with all -Series series is Bluetooth and Wireless compatible and its for transducer verified joint calibration (optional) .

  7. Simple new technology re-calibration system makes smart socket can fit any transducer fixture (dynamic or static) for calibration purpose in the future .

ModelTorque range
33mm Smart socket150-1500Ftlbs
36mm Smart socket150-1500Ftlbs
41mm Smart socket150-1500Ftlbs
46mm Smart socket150-1500Ftlbs
50mm Smart socket300-3000Ftlbs
55mm Smart socket300-3000Ftlbs
60mm Smart socket300-3400Ftlbs
65mm Smart socket800-8000Ftlbs
70mm Smart socket800-8000Ftlbs
80mm Smart socket800-8000Ftlbs
90mm Smart socket1200-12000Ftlbs
100mm Smart socket1200-12000Ftlbs
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C-Series Smart Socket
C-Series Smart Socket

Smart Measure Socket

Model: C-Series

Min torque: 150Ftlbs

Max torque: 12000Ftlbs


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