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Pneumatic Hydraulic Pump

Pneumatic hydraulic pump

Air source driven, suitable for some special working conditions where electricity is prohibitedMade of titanium aluminum alloy, small in size and light in weight. Easy to moveThree kinds of pressure, easy to change, improve work efficiency

PL-3 pneumatic hydraulic pump


1.Pneumatic source driving, suitable for special working condition, which electric is forbidden.

2.Made of  Titanium-Aluminium alloy, small size, light weight. easy to move.

3.Three kinds of pressure, easily changed, improve work efficiency.

4.From 40Bar to 700Bar,  the output pressure can be changed freely.

5.Allocated with radiator, can work 24hours continuously.

6.The motor can be as requirements.

7.Three-stage pressure valve design

8.One year warranty

Model No.PL-3
Max pressure (Bar)700
Oil flow(L/min)0.8-1.6-7
Oil volume(L)7l fill volume
Air motorPower 1.1KW, Rotate speed 3000Rpm, Pressure output 5-8Bar, Air input Value≥1.9m³/min
High pressure hoses (Meters)6 meters each
Oil interfaceNPT 1/4
Oil Return interfaceNPT 1/4
Weight including oil(kg)26